Geodesy Tools Coordinates transformation & parameter estimation software

Geodesy Tools

Kordil Geodesy Tools is a coordinates conversion and processing software designed to transform between coordinates systems and compute transformation parameters using various methods with least square adjustment. Proven to be very reliable tool for sırveyors, engineers, geographers and any other people deals with coordinates and coordinates systems. This software reads coordinates of tab and space seperated in various formats in the same file intelligently. For example reads latitude and longitude in decimal degrees, degrees and minutes, and degrees, minutes and second formats including elevations or point numbers either available or missing.

  • Conversion between World Cartesian Systems and geographic coordinates
  • Datum transformation between geographic cooordinates
  • Transformation from/to any type of Transverse Mercator Projection
  • 3-D cartesian coordinates transformation (ECEF transformation)
  • Affine transformation and parameter estimation (6 parameters)
  • Helmert (similarity) transformation and parameter estimation (4 parameters)
  • Parameter estimation for datum transformation (Bursa/Wolf 7 parameters)
Geodesy Tools

Use this button to download a demonstration version which limits to save results of file convversions. Upon entering registeration key all interface will be fully enabeled. The software is a released with Kordil Bathymetry Studio.

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